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You Can Only Offer An Opportunity

We can make an opportunity attractive to another person (adult or child) with a reward or with a threat, but ultimately it’s the other persons’ choice to decide what they will do.

When we want someone to do something they don’t want to do, rather than getting disappointed or angry at them, think about the times when you use your freewill to decline an opportunity from someone else.

We always have the choice of saying “yes or no,”  or “not now or not in that way.”  Every decision we make, whether it’s deciding to do or not do something, for ourselves or another person, has a consequence and an effect on ourselves and others.

Today, think about what you are expecting of others and what others are expecting of you. Before you answer, ask yourself if what you are being asked to do is something you want to do, don’t mind doing, or actually enjoy doing. We often choose to do things we would rather not do because they are self-serving, such as tasks at work, compromising to maintain relationships, and exercising or going to bed early to take care of our bodies.

Remember, you can never get anyone to do anything. You can only give them the opportunity to choose, and the choice is always theirs.

Love, Health & Happiness,