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Bring Your Inner Athlete Out On The WeekendsDo your plans for the weekend include some physical activity?  Creating a regular routine on a Saturday or Sunday, morning, afternoon or evening, may help you attain the health benefits of exercise, and the discipline to continue with shorter times during the week.

The benefits of scheduling time on the weekend are:

1. Most people have an hour or two, or more for an extra long walk, run, hike, bike ride, swim, workout or classes at a gym. It allows more time to do activities you may not have time for during the week, and the time to get to your destination.

2. It gives you a chance to participate in a variety of activities that may not be offered during the week.

3. It’s easier to find a buddy or a group to go with, or join an adult sports or athletic team through your community parks and recreation.

4. The whole family can participate in something together or their own activities.

One word of caution.  Please be mindful of becoming a weekend warrior, watch that you don’t over do it on the weekend. Participate in some physical activity during the week as well. Your inner athlete will thank you!

Love, Health & Happiness,