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Five Ways To Enjoy ArugulaHere’s another “green” that has been classified as a “Superfood.” At only 16 calories per two-cup serving, it is packed with nutrients, including vitamin A (great for your eyes and vision) and Vitamin K (known for bone-building). Mature arugula has a spicier, peppery taste, while baby arugula has a milder flavor with the same health benefits.

Here are some suggested ways to enjoy arugula:

1. Add arugula leaves to a salad of other greens.

2. Add arugula leaves to a sandwich.

3. Saute arugula leaves in a small amount of olive oil and serve as a side dish, or add to cooked quinoa, brown rice or whole grain pasta.

4. Add 2 cups of arugula to vegetable or lentil soup.

5. Place arugula leaves on a pizza prior to baking.

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