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Your Body Is Talking, Are You ListeningHow closely do you listen to your body? Do you notice the first signs of stress, discomfort, minor aches and pains or a change in mood? If so, do you brush it off and press on?

Our culture has been more focused on “doing” rather than “being,” “results before feelings.” Sometimes it takes a major crisis to get us to slow down or stop and really look at how we are living our lives. We have miraculous bodies that, if we tune into them, can give us guidance and messages if only we take the time to listen.

To tune into your body’s signals try this:

1. Stop for a moment.

2. Scan your body for discomfort.

3. Tune in to how you feel.

4. Ask yourself what you need.

Often times by acknowledging the signal it will reduce the symptom and you may even get some insight into a better way of doing, being or living.

Love, Health & Happiness,