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Healthy Eating and DessertsYou may be wondering if desserts, sweets, treats… fit into a healthy lifestyle.  The short answer is they can, just not on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions of how to enjoy something sweet:

1. Decide when, where and with whom you will have your sweets.

2. Enjoy what you have by eating it with mindfulness.

3. Share it with others.  Get one dessert and 2 spoons.

4. Use the three-bite rule.  Savor three bites or spoonfuls and then remove it.

5. Use portion control and stick to one serving.

6. Have sweets on special occasions like your birthday, anniversary or holidays.

7. Eat your sweets out rather than at home where you may be tempted to eat too much, especially if there is a large quantity or multiple servings.

8. Have a piece of fruit, melon or berries when you are craving something sweet, or for dessert.

Love, Health & Happiness,