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Please Take Care of MeWinter is in full swing and for some people it is a time of getting sick or fighting off symptoms. While we may not be able to avoid being exposed to germs, there is a lot we can do to strengthen our immune system so that we don’t get sick, and if we do, it is short-lived.

If you are experiencing low-grade chronic symptoms, especially runny nose, mild sore throat, stuffed up head and feeling tired, it’s your body’s way of saying, “Please take better care of me.”

Here are some suggestions:

1. Get some extra sleep by going to bed earlier.

2. Drink plenty of water, and tea, hot water with lemon and honey, apple cider vinegar in water, or clear vegetable or chicken broth. Sip on liquids throughout the day to flood those germs out!

3. Boost your nutritional intake by eating fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains, while eliminating or significantly decreasing the amount of sugar you consume.

4. Take nutritional supplements, vitamin c, Airborne, Emergen-C, use cough drops.

5. Lower stress with meditation, yoga, a warm bath, etc.

6. Increase circulation with movement, exercise, walking, etc.

7. Reduce emotional stress by processing and releasing sadness, grief, loss, fear, anger and resentment.  Journal, draw, use visualization, prayer, or talk with a trusted friend or professional.

8. Try a massage, acupressure, acupuncture, or Reiki.

If you are sick or have had chronic symptoms, it may be wise to visit your doctor and get a check-up with a blood test to assess what is going on and to rule out any deficiencies.

Love, Health & Happiness,