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Building Capable Young AdultsIn order for children to grow up as capable adults, they must have experiences of successfully carrying out responsibilities.

In addition to children taking care of their own space and belongings, parents can make learning tasks fun by involving their children in age appropriate “mini-jobs” at home.  This may include helping with laundry, setting the table, doing the dishes, taking care of a pet, cooking, building something, gardening, etc.

Remember, learning a new skill is a process and may take time.  The goal is to teach, and not expect perfection in childhood, but to instill a sense of capability that your child will take into adulthood.

When we do too much for our children or get frustrated with how they carry out a task, we can mistakenly give them the message that they are not capable and we don’t believe in them. In turn, they may doubt their own worth and capabilities, and  their avoidance can look like laziness.

Cheer your kids on with an enthusiastic, “You can do it!” And let them know that you are there for them if they need help. All they have to do is ask.

Love, Health & Happiness,