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What's Weighing You Down

What if achieving your desired healthy body and healthy weight wasn’t just about the food you eat?  What if unresolved thoughts, feelings, and experiences are what drives you to make the choices you make about your body? This includes what you feed it, if you exercise it, and basically whether you treat your body as a friend or foe.

Each one of us has gone through experiences throughout our lives that have been painful, fearful and heavy with emotion. Many people have experienced a significant illness, injury, loss, financial hardship, relationship or family conflict, and/or work or career related challenge.

What’s weighing you down? What experiences from your life, past or present, feel heavy? What burdens are you carrying around?  What’s weighing you down and preventing you from traveling with ease in a lighter healthier body?

Click the following: Navigating The World of Emotions for safe ways to express your feelings.

Love, Health & Happiness,