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Brain Compatable New Years Resolutions

If your New Years resolutions don’t have significant meaning to you, they most likely will fall by the wayside quickly.  With that said, think about what you really want for 2013, and why.

How would you like to feel about each resolution? Imagine what it would really look like and feel like to have what you desire. Do you have feeling words or a visual picture, either in your mind or in print, that capture your goals?

To get your brain on board, you may want to create a “personal poster” with words and/or pictures that capture your resolutions, and then focus on it for 18 seconds a day. Or, write down the feeling words and post them on your mirror or refrigerator to see multiple times a day. When we rehearse, imagine, or talk to ourselves about something for 18 seconds, it gets stored in our long-term memory. This also keeps our thoughts congruent with our desires, and when this happens, it propels us towards activities and behaviors that produce the results we are looking for.

Gather your family or a friend or two and have fun creating meaningful resolutions for the new year!

Love, Health & Happiness,