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Moving Into 2013 With Meaning and PurposeWhat are you looking forward to in 2013? Are you willing to step it up, go beyond your comfort zone, reach for what you want and do it differently?  Or are you comfortable with your predictable life, even if it’s not how you would like it?

Here is a process to help you move into 2013 with meaning and purpose.

1. Acknowledge that based on all of your past experiences you have become the person you are today.  This includes all of the beliefs, patterns and coping skills you learned as a child.

2. Through those experiences you have developed familiar ways of being that may not continue to serve you well, along with some incredible strengths, gifts and talents that are unique to you.

3. In order to get out of functioning on auto-pilot, we must decide to choose something different.

Process: I invite you to make a list of a few beliefs, patterns or coping skills that no longer serve you well.  List how each one has negatively affected you and others.  Then write what strengths you got from those patterns.  Next, be open to new possibilities by considering a variety of options for new ways of thinking, believing, being and doing.

Here’s an example:

I was brought up with the message, “Work before play.” It took me a very long time to give myself permission to “play” or use my time for something other than being productive (working, cleaning, doing for others, etc.).  I missed out on having fun because I was too serious, being okay with “being” when not doing, being spontaneous, and being a better mom, wife, daughter, and friend to others and myself. From this message, I learned to be responsible, dependable, reliable, efficient, capable, and I learned how to cook and clean really well. By letting go of the message, “Work before play,” and focusing on my strengths, I have been able to shift to a more balanced life, including having fun writing this blog!

What shift will you make in 2013?

Love, Health & Happiness,