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Is Overeating Preventing You From Reaching Your Full PotentialIf a plant gets too much water or sunlight it dies or doesn’t grow to its full potential.  If a human eats too much food on a regular basis, it too doesn’t grow to its full potential, creating physical disease and a poor self-image that can affect all areas of life from relationships to work.

For us humans, the effects of overeating generally are not immediate. The first evidence of overeating is usually weight gain, and that may not be immediate, but rather tends to “creep up” on us. It may take decades for illness to set in. Many people are not aware of having high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure or heart disease, because these don’t have recognizable symptoms until they become severe enough.

Being mindful of both what and how much you eat and drink, is the first step to awareness, regardless of whether you want or are ready to make any changes.

Love, Health & Happiness,