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Put Your Oxygen Mask OnCreating a healthy lifestyle is like putting on your oxygen mask on. When we take care of our basic needs we have so much more to give, making us better partners, better parents, better friends, better employees or employers, and just better human beings.

Let’s start with breathing. Take a deep breath. Breathing is one way to calm our nervous system, reduce stress and restore clearer thinking. Meditation or breathing exercises that include slow deep breaths are like putting on an oxygen mask.

Next to breathing, eating well and often enough are vital for your body. When we get too busy it’s easy to choose something quick to eat that may not be very good for the functioning of our body. Aim for more fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and remember to hydrate with plenty of water. For snacks, apples, pears and almonds are quick and easy to eat at home, when traveling, at work, or when out and about.

Sleep is vital. In fact, it may be one of the most important things you could do for your body. Getting adequate sleep allows for regeneration, repair and healing of your cells. Sleep also affects your hormones that and regulate your body systems and everything from mood to weight.

Without your oxygen mask on you can’t respond to an emergency, yet alone daily life.

Love, Health & Happiness,