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Whether you are dating, looking for a new job, seeking a medical practitioner or cultivating a new friendship, many people overlook the importance of “interviewing each other” in order to find a good match.

Do you fear being rejected or being rejecting? Do you worrying about being hurt or hurting someone else’s feelings?  What if it doesn’t have to be about rejection? What if we are like flowers; a rose, a tulip or a daisy, each with our own unique qualities, looking for a compatible matching flower?

It really doesn’t matter if you are a rose, tulip or daisy. What matters is that you consider who you are, your likes and dislikes, your values and needs, what you are willing to accept and where you aren’t willing to compromise.

Without judgment, it’s about whether you are a good match.  It’s about what you bring out in each other, the synergy, if you can work together, support each other, and if it truly is a good fit. Honor yourself and the other person. Respect your differences if you are not a good match, say so and move on.  It may be mutual.

Love, Health & Happiness,