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Bring the magic and meaning to your holidays this season.  Involve your family, especially your children or grandchildren, and YOUR inner-child. Incorporate traditions that you are fond of, special foods, readings, stories, games, decorations, music, etc. or start your own!

If you haven’t experienced the excitement of the holiday season in a while, now is the time to think about how you would like it to be different. Doing an activity together may be fun. An easy one would be to trace your hands and color them to make turkeys for Thanksgiving.  You could make ornaments or candles for Christmas or Hanukkah.  Everyone could write on a large poster board, good things that happened for them this year or what they are grateful for.

Your family’s focus could be on giving and doing for others by gathering food to donate or serving food to those in need.  Another way of giving is to adopt a family through a shelter or religious organization, and providing a holiday for them, that they wouldn’t otherwise have, with food and gifts.

Get creative and MAKE this holiday season meaningful and special!

Love, Health & Happiness,