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If You Could Be One Thing For The Next Seven Days, What Would You Be?Here’s a fun way for family members or friends, to support each other in “trying on” being a different way in one area of your life for the next seven days.

Select one of the following or come up with your own:

Be an athlete – Do some form of physical activity each day. It can be the same thing each day or something different. You might challenge yourself to improve over the week by seeing if you can increase the amount of steps you take daily using a pedometer, or the amount of time or distance you walk or run.  Or get a friend or two together and shoot hoops, play tennis, kick a soccer ball, play catch, etc.

Be peace – Do things that create inner peace.  Meditate daily, do breathing exercises, take a warm bath by candlelight, listen to calming music, do yoga, etc.

Be a healthy eater – Select some healthy recipes to prepare and eat throughout the week.  Choose to eat an extra serving of fruits and/or vegetables each day, eat whole grains, try a new vegetable, eat one or two servings of raw vegetables a day, have a salad each day, etc.

Be giving – Do something for others each day.  It could be as simple as writing a note of appreciation to someone, picking a flower to give someone, making and giving a fruit or vegetable basket to someone, volunteering, etc.

Be beauty – Each day do something to take care of your outward appearance.  Your smile (brush and floss your teeth daily), your hair (deep condition and style it), your face (give yourself a facial or at least wash and moisturize your face daily), your skin (put lotion on you arms and legs), your feet (soak your feet then rub lotion on them).

Be happy – Focus on being happy and cultivating happiness by keeping a happiest moment of the day journal (write 3-5 happy moments from your day), or share your happiest moments of the day with someone, and each day look for things that make you happy.

Keep it fun, positive and supportive!

Love, Health & Happiness,