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Minimize holiday weight gain by eating with mindfulness.  When you deviate from your regular healthy eating, do it with awareness. Decide what you want to indulge in. Really taste what you eat and drink. Savor each bite and sip. Eat slowly and put your fork down between bites.

Check in with yourself after each bite and stop eating when that food item no longer tastes delicious, since the first few bites are generally the best tasting and most satisfying.

Serve yourself “taste size portions” to sample rather than a plateful. Then go back for more of only the foods you really found worthy of having more of. Remember that calories of holiday foods, drinks, desserts and candies can add up so much faster than you can burn them for energy.

Decide to eat a small meal, soup, salad, raw vegetables or a piece of fruit before you go to a holiday event, dinner or party, rather than arriving hungry. Then enjoy a sampling of foods while focusing on connecting with people rather than focusing on the food.

Love, Health & Happiness,