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As the weather is getting colder, do you feel like hibernating? It’s easy to look outside and decide that it’s too dark out or too cold out to leave your home, yet alone go out and exercise.

If you are one of those people who don’t like winter weather, you may choose to workout at home to a DVD or with your own equipment: weights, an exercise bicycle, a treadmill or mini-trampoline.

For those who feel invigorated by the cold weather, the proper clothing and accessories can make all the difference in being comfortable.  Dress in layers of breathable material (wicking clothes and socks), wear a hat to keep your body heat in, gloves to keep your hands warm, and a breathable jacket designed for your specific weather (cold, freezing temperatures, rain or snow). If you are out for a walk, a run, bike ride, skiing, ice skating or chasing a ball, remember to also wear sun screen on your face and lips.

Love, Health & Happiness,