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When was the last time you felt someone give you their undivided attention? Our lives, and especially the lives of children today, are so busy, filled with things to do and places to be, that we rarely stop long enough to acknowledge each other, yet alone take the time to really listen.

Here are some suggestions to increase connections with people of all ages who matter to you:

1. Make eye-contact.

2. Stop what you are doing long enough to be present.

3. Schedule some one-on-one time to talk, laugh, play and have fun.

4. Give your full attention to the other person so that they may feel seen and heard.

5. Listen with interest.

6. Be curious and ask questions.

7. Put judgments aside.

8. Reply with kindness, encouragement or something positive.

9. Share your happiest moments of the day with each other.

Love, Health & Happiness,