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Play is an important part of childhood development and has also been shown to have a positive impact on adults. One form of play is pretending to be someone or something that you are not.  Young children may make-believe they are an animal, a doctor, a mom or dad. Older children and teens might have fun taking on the role of a favorite athlete, movie star, television character or singer.

When we “try on” a new identity, especially of someone who we admire for their positive characteristics, it can build confidence and a positive self-image for children and adults.  It may even help a child or adult get through tasks they don’t like to do.  Imagine being a pirate looking for buried treasure as you clean out a drawer or closet, or your child pretending to be a teacher as they read to their favorite stuffed animal, younger sibling or a parent. As you and your children cook dinner, you could pretend that you are in a cooking competition like the ones on television.

One way to increase the amount of physical activity your family gets is to pretend you are a top athlete in your favorite sport, scoring, breaking a record, or winning a game. The most important part of playing make-believe is having fun, and who knows, you just might find that you really are talented at what you are pretending to be!

What or who would you like to “make-believe” you are today or for part of the day?

Love, Health & Happiness,