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Many adults were not brought up with positive encouraging comments, but rather critical negative put-downs.  The following statements come from the book, Predictive Parenting; What to Say When You Talk To Your Kids, by Shad Helmstetter.  While these statements may feel foreign at first, they are worth saying to your child, yourself, your spouse and any other human being!

That was really great! * You were wonderful! * You really do that well. * As always, you look good today. * You’re a winner! * I trust you. * I can always count on you. * You’re really smart. * People really like you. * I like the way you did that. * You’re really fun to be with. * You make me feel good. * You really take responsibility for yourself. * I like the way you keep your room neat. * You sure have a lot of energy. * You’re really positive! * You always seem to be able to keep yourself busy. * You ended up with the best of both your father and myself. * I really rely on you. * That was close. Next time I know you’ll make it. * Good Job! * You’re beautiful. * You’re very pretty. * You’re handsome. * You make every day brighter. * You sure have a nice smile. * I listen to what you have to say. * You’re a good friend. * You really get along well with other kids. * You’re an achiever. * I can tell you’re going to be successful in life. * You’re very creative. * I’ve noticed you’re a very good listener. * It’s obvious that you care about yourself. * You’re a good runner. * I’m proud of your schoolwork. * That’s much better.  You’re doing great! * You’re really special. * I love you and I like you too! * You make hard things seem easy. * You really practice good manners. * There is no one else like you in the whole world. * I need your advice. * You sure are talented!

Go make someone’s day with a positive, uplifting personal comment!

Love, Health & Happiness,