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Today is my 100th post!  I’ve always admired people who are creative, have experiences and information to present and are willing to share who they are.  That’s not how I saw myself 99 posts ago.

I truly am amazed that I took the leap to accept help from a friend who encouraged me to start a blog when I had no experience at all with blog sites. I also had encouragement and suggestions from another friend who is an avid blog reader.  I dived in and learned how to upload photos, figure out what tags are and how search engines work. Yet the biggest step I took was when I nervously clicked the “publish” button to “go live” with my first post.

I had already been researching and writing a book for families on positive psychology, prevention and reversal of diet related illnesses, and healthy living, with the hopes of one day getting published. While I have used some of what I had already written, I am in awe and love the feeling of being inspired, even if it’s at 3am., with a great idea to write about or a new recipe to create.

I appreciate all of the people who read what I post, allowing me to share a part of myself with the world while making a positive difference in the health and lives of others.

A big thanks goes to my wonderful friends Linda and Jamie, who got me started on rich experience!

Love, Health & Happiness,