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Feel The Spark Breathing MeditationThe breath is a function of our body that is both automatic and that we can control. The focus of this meditation is on allowing your body to breathe itself.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get into a comfortable position either sitting up or laying down.

2. Take several slow deep breaths to calm your body down.

3. Once relaxed, then slow your breath down even more, so that you are taking fewer breaths per minute.

4. Next, let your breath just happen on its own without you starting it.  You will feel a tiny spark of energy just before the breath.

5. Continue this slow body breathing for up to 20 minutes.

6. When you are finished take a couple of minutes to come out of this breathing meditation. Gently begin to move your fingers and toes, then your hands and feet, and finally your arms and legs, to bring you out of the deep relaxation.

7. Notice how your breathing has increased to a more normal pace. Then get up slowly.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you just slept for a couple of hours. While sleep is important, a deeply relaxed meditation experience for some people can be equivalent to several hours of sleep.

Love, Health & Happiness,