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The Brain Simply Believes...“The brain simply believes what you tell it most.  And what you tell it about, it will create.  It has no choice.” This quote on brain research was shared at a training that I attended last week.

Did you know that we talk to ourselves at 200-400 words per minute? That’s a lot of chatter that often times we are not even aware of.

Experts in brain research say, “If you want things to be different you have to do things on purpose.” See last week’s post: It only takes 18 seconds to change your brain.

Here are some questions to consider to identify what you mostly tell yourself with related posts:

1. Do you talk to yourself as if you were your best friend or worst enemy?

2. Do you criticize yourself when you eat something you enjoy that is not healthy?

3. Is it okay to not be perfect?

4. Are you consumed with worry and stress about the future or anger and resentment about the past?

5. Do you believe you really have a choice about what you do in any situation?

6. How do you define yourself?

7. Is it possible to really feel happy?

8. Are you following an old message that it’s safer to stuff your feelings or hide them than express them and feel them?

Love, Health & Happiness,