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If you want something different… Imagine it! Maybe it’s a to lose weight, become more active, overcome an illness or injury, or to have a healthier body.  Perhaps you would like to have more money, an improved relationship, be able to perform better at school or at work, or a career change.

I was at a training the other day and an expert on brain research spoke about how our brains create long-term memory.  When we rehearse, imagine, or talk to ourselves about something for 18 seconds, it gets stored in our long-term memory.

How easy is it for us to focus on what’s not working, aches, pains, illness, past experiences that did not go well, failures, mistakes, traumas, and negative self-talk?  How foreign is it to focus on gratitude, being thankful, happy moments, positive experiences, successes, and self-praise, yet alone do it for 18 seconds?

Pay attention to what you pay attention to. Dwell on the what you want and what you have that is working, for 18 seconds. It will change your brain.

Love, Health & Happiness,