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The tomato, beautiful and picked ripe from the garden.  What shall I do with it? Have you ever had something that you valued so much that you wanted to do something special with it, and by the time you decided the opportunity passed? The fruit aged, the flower you were going to cut and put in a vase wilted in the heat, or the shoes or outfit you were saving for a special occasion never were worn.

There are many reasons why we have difficulty deciding on how to enjoy something special.

1. There are too many choices, making it difficult to decide on one.

2.  When it’s gone, we won’t have it any more.

3. It’s too special to use or wear.

4. It was expensive.

5. It’s one of a kind and irreplaceable.

6. Fear of ruining it, wearing it out or using it up.

Enjoy something special today, use it, look at it, or wear it.  What are you waiting for?

Love, Health & Happiness,