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Does your family have one evening a week dedicated to something you do as a family or couple?

If you don’t already have a “Family Fun Night,” here are some suggestions:

1. Select one night of the week that works for everyone in your family.

2. Together, select a theme: game night, movie night, specific food night, breakfast for dinner night or something else your family enjoys doing together.

3. An alternative to a “Family Fun Night”, is “One-on-One Time” where one child and one parent have time together and do something special.  When there are two kids and two parents, it is easy to switch off each week so each child gets individual time with each parent every other week.  This could also be called, “Mother-Daughter,” “Mother-Son,” “Father-Daughter,” or “Father-Son” time.

4.  Couples can select a weekly “Date Night” and take turns planning something to do together at home or out.

What ever you do, have fun!

Love, Health & Happiness,