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Hungry and Tired? What Did You Eat Last?There’s a saying, “Never let yourself get too hungry, tired or angry.” Did you know that what you eat can have a direct effect on how you feel hours later?

For example, When you eat or drink something high in sugar, your body gets a sudden surge of energy followed by an insulin surge that rapidly drops your blood sugar level. Then about two hours later, you feel really hungry, tired and sometimes irritable. To avoid this, replace simple carbohydrates/sugars and processed foods with whole grain/complex ones.  You will feel better and more satisfied. Sugar does not have to be completely avoided, but it should be eaten with some fat (from cheese or nuts) or fiber (from fruit or grains) so you can absorb it more slowly.

Also, remember to eat often enough so that you don’t let yourself get too hungry.

Love, Health & Happiness,