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Pamper Each OtherThere’s no reason why we have to wait until it’s someone’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or when a family member or friend is sick or injured, in order to pamper ourselves or someone else.

There are a lot of ways for men, women and children to be pampered and to pamper each other. You can find “recipes” on-line for homemade facial masks, or buy one.  Any kind of lotion can be used for a foot or hand massage. After sun lotion can be used for a back rub. These can be lots of fun to do at home. Remember that boys and men have skin too, and they will probably enjoy the pampering as much as you do.

When families offer to pamper each other, the benefits go beyond the moments spent. We can teach and model good self-care and the importance of taking time to give to each other.  This can be done where everyone participates or where one person gives and the other receives, then at another time the roles are switched.

It can also be nice to offer a foot massage or other form of pampering to a family member or friend, when they don’t expect it, and the one giving is not expecting anything in return.

Love, Health & Happiness,