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Health Concerns For Children - There's Hope!Which is a health concern for children:

a.  Diabetes (Type 2)

b.  High blood pressure

c.  Obesity

d.  All of the above. (See answer below)

Genetic factors play a small role in childhood obesity and related health problems.  Shared family behaviors such as eating and activity habits, are how a “family history of obesity” gets passed down from one generation to another.  For example, having high cholesterol and struggling with maintaining a healthy and comfortable weight was passed down to me because of the types of food I was raised on.  Eating a diet heavy in meat and fat created the high cholesterol. Fortunately, it was not a permanent health condition.  At age 19 when I discovered that I had high cholesterol, I also learned that I could do something about it by changing what I ate and adding some physical activity. And so I did!

Answer: d All of the above.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are showing up in children along with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, heart disease, sleep apnea and chronic illnesses.  The good news is that all of these medical conditions listed are diet related and are preventable or treatable, for children and adults, with 1) a lifestyle change to healthy eating, 2) maintaining a healthy body weight, and 3) getting regular exercise!

Love, Health & Happiness,