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2012 Olympic InspirationThe 2012 Olympics start tonight and will showcase the best athletes in the world.  For many, it has not been an easy journey.  I encourage you and your friends and family, especially children, to watch and read about the stories of the athletes competing.

Here are some things to look for while getting to know some of the athletes:

1. How old were they when they started in their sport?

2. How many years of commitment and dedication did they put into becoming the best of the best?

3. What did it take to train for these 2012 Olympics? What did they do daily?

4. How do they prepare mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to compete?

5. What do they do to stay calm and relaxed on competition day?

6. What helps them stay focused?

7. What obstacles did they have to overcome to become an Olympic athlete?

8. What did they give up or have to miss out on (the trade-off) in order to become an Olympic athlete?

9. What types of food and drinks do they consume and how much?

I hope that by learning about some of the 2012 athletes and their lifestyles, that you may find the passion, dedication and focus to pursue your dreams, athletic or other.

Love, Health & Happiness,