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Entertainment For Long Walks or RunsWhether you are training for a race or out on a daily walk, on a treadmill or on a trail, here are some ideas to keep you entertained:

1.  Use one of the following mantras: “I can, I will, I’m able.”  “My body is healthy and strong.” “Peace, love, joy, well-being and abundance,” or make up your own.  Say them or sing them, in your head or out loud, at a slow pace or a fast pace.

2. Pay attention to your breathing, your steps or specific body parts and how they move (arms, shoulders, shoulder blades, hips, feet).

3. Send appreciation to your body starting at the top with your head: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, brain, gums, teeth, jaw, throat, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, back, arms, elbows, wrists, fingers, digestive system, stomach, intestines, rib cage, hips, legs, knees, shins, calves, feet, ankles, toes, muscles, bones, skin, tendons, immune system, all body systems.  You get the idea. See how many parts of your body you can thank for working well.

4. Sing some of your favorite songs in your head or out loud, or sing “99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall,” forwards and backwards. This takes some mental concentration and it’s fun to do with another person.  It’s a good distraction for a mile or two!

5. List things and people you are grateful for with detail: For example, “I am grateful for my body for functioning so well that I am able to train for a half-marathon (or other distance).”  “I am grateful for where I live and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of nature.”  “I a appreciate my friends who make me laugh.” “I’m grateful to have family that loves and supports me.”  “I appreciate my dog who is adorable and provides unconditional love.”

6. Play “A to Z games” with a buddy or by yourself, naming foods, states, countries, cities, street names, first names for boys/girls, song titles, companies/brands, etc.

7. Visualize yourself being surrounded by light or love, or send light or love to a specific area of your body and see if you don’t feel lighter and able to move with more ease.

8. Think of as many things as you can that make you happy. “Sunshine, the color red, being at the beach, having lunch with a friend, playing with my dog…”

9. If you like listening to music while walking or running, select songs with a slower beat for your warm-up, and songs with a faster beat to help you maintain a faster workout pace, then back to a slower beat for your cool-down. You can find lots of websites with how to calculate or get Song beats per minute for your playlist.

Love, Health & Happiness,