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Think You're Too Old To Play?New research from the University of Houston shows a direct correlation between play and how much joy and fulfillment people experience in their lives.

Play deprivation, like sleep deprivation, negatively effects our well-being, happiness, relationships and creativity.

So what is play? Play is doing something for the pure enjoyment of it, not to win or for any result.  Play often puts you in a state of flow, increasing relaxation, decreasing stress and elevating mood. Other benefits include increasing your imagination and bonding with others. Play can be done alone or with others.

If you are like me, brought up with the motto, “Work before play,” It can be hard to take the time to play, since work never ends and there is always something on the to-do list. You may also be self-conscious about letting loose and playing.

Find things you like to do, it could be playing a game of cards, Scrabble, tennis, or bowling.  Video games, Wii Fit or word searches count as play.  Or you can play games on your smart phone, either by yourself or with others, like Words with Friends or Draw Free. Play can be tossing a ball at the park, or singing or dancing at home alone or with others at karaoke or a party. It can be taking a class, painting or coloring with crayons or charcoal.  Play can be anything you have fun doing for the pure enjoyment of doing it!

Love, Health & Happiness,