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Eating local has become the trend, and what better way to get your produce than at a neighborhood farmer’s market.

Last week, while looking at the supermarket ads, I was excited to see that peaches were on sale for only 77 cents a pound!  What a great price.  So I went, expecting to take advantage of this great deal.  What I found were peaches that had no scent and could have been used as baseballs, they were that hard.  What a disappointment.

On Saturday, I went to our neighborhood farmer’s market and sampled many varieties of fresh, ripe and sweet peaches and nectarines.  What a difference compared to what I saw at the grocery store. The main difference between the two is that the fruit for the supermarket was picked before it was ripe, so it wouldn’t spoil by the time it was trucked there, while the farmer’s market fruit was picked ripe the day before.

I was reminded of why I like and appreciate shopping at the farmer’s market:

1.  The fruits and vegetables, organic or not, are picked fresh and has more flavor than most store-bought.

2.  Many of the vendors offer samples of their fruit so you can taste the difference between the yellow and white peaches or yellow and white nectarines. By sampling, you know what you are getting, and whether the melons are ripe and sweet or the strawberries are as delicious as they look.

3. It’s a family atmosphere and a great place for a family outing, where kids and adults can find new fruits and vegetables to try.  When children are involved in the process of picking out their food, they are more likely to eat it!

4. Often at farmer’s markets, they have a table with recipes, or you can ask the growers questions about different methods of preparing produce you are unfamiliar with. You can also inquire about how and where the food you see there is grown.

5. I enjoy the beauty of the booths with their attractively displayed produce, and fresh flowers!

Love, Health & Happiness,