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Navigating The World of EmotionsHonor and embrace your sadness, fear and anger.  Feel your feelings and let them pass through.  They won’t last long if you allow yourself to feel them fully, to discharge the energy they hold.  Unexpressed sadness and anger, turned inward, leads to depression, and left too long can lead to rage.  It’s important to find safe ways to express your feelings.

1. Talk to a trusted friend or therapist about how you feel.

2. Write letters expressing your feelings to people or entities, but DO NOT send them.

3. Use a journal to write about your feelings.

4. Express your emotions through art: paint, draw, color, use clay or playdough, or other forms of artistic expression.

5. Sit quietly and just allow the feelings to pass through you.  Be the observer watching you experience your emotions, knowing that they are not you and this will soon pass.

6. Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping. Go to YouTube and search for EFT Tapping.  You will see videos with introductions to tapping as well as for specific feelings and situations. EFT can easily provide relief from emotions quickly by discharging the energy of the feeling.

The more you allow yourself to feel emotions as they occur, the freer you will be to feel happiness and joy.

Love, Health & Happiness,