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Have you ever seen a body of water, like a pond, that has no water flowing into it or going out from it?  It just stands there with no movement.  It often looks dirty and may have algae, dirt and leaves in it. In contrast, a river is a naturally flowing source, usually of fresh water, heading towards a lake or ocean.

Movement of your body is like the water of a flowing river. Our bodies have circulatory systems that function optimally when they have good circulation from movement, and work poorly when stagnant like a pond or a body of water with no movement.  Physical activity gets your heart pumping blood throughout your body carrying oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed. Just 15-30 minutes, once or twice a day, of any form of exercise or movement you enjoy, may improve your digestion, mood, energy, sleep, and allow you maintain a healthy body weight or lose weight.

Movement, along with good nutrition and plenty of water, will keep your body functioning at its best.

Love, Health & Happiness,