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Perfectionism is a trait often learned in childhood and carried into adulthood.  Unfortunately, functioning to do things perfectly often takes more time and energy.  It can also put us in a chronic state of feeling stressed and anxious, by the pressure we put on ourselves or the perceived pressure others put on us.

Who might you be trying to please or impress, or is it now just a habit or a way of life?

Do you hold yourself back from having people over because your home isn’t perfectly decorated, straightened up, or spotless with everything in its place? Or have you refused to do something that looks like fun, like tennis, golf, knitting, or any other activity, because you aren’t very good at it yet?

Those of us who have been perfectionists miss out on enjoying the process along the way, and seeing the beauty in things rather than the flaws. There is a better way. It’s okay to be “good enough,” for our living space to be clean enough, and for us to slow down and not rush or spend so much time on a task until it is perfect, that we never complete it or that we resent the amount of time spent on it.

If you wait for everything to be perfect you will miss out on the enjoyment of life.  Allow yourself to be good enough. Aim for enjoyment. Set your priorities, and determine where it is worth producing a perfect result and where good enough will suffice.  And while you are at it, don’t expect others to be perfect either.

Love, Health & Happiness,