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You might be wondering why, here in June, I would be writing about the holidays we celebrate in December. 

While we are many months away from the holiday season of family traditions and gift giving, there are many individuals and families who could use our assistance year round.

There is the gift of time, a short visit, a cooked meal, offering to clean or do laundry, or providing a ride.  Think of people who are ill, injured or elderly. 

There are also many families that could use a gift of necessities such as clothing, footwear, toiletries, and food. If you aren’t sure what to get, gift cards work well. You can “adopt” a family in your community, or you can get a group of people together at work, your religious organization, or in your neighborhood and spread out the giving.  Contact local religious organizations or donation organizations to find out if they have families to “adopt.” 

Once you have your family, then provide a “care package” of new or gently used items throughout the year.  Think about the needs you have for each season; summer, fall, winter and spring, as well as at holidays and on birthdays.  Donations can be big or small, something for the whole family, for each member or each child.  During the summer months, a donation of summer clothing, school supplies, books and toys would be useful. 

Love, Health & Happiness,