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Timeshare KitchenWhether you are traveling by car or by plane, heading to a campsite, taking a road trip or off to a hotel or resort destination, I’ve got some healthy eating tips for you.

Some of Some of the best accommodation values are to rent a house, condo or timeshare.  All of these come with sizeable kitchens, making it easy to prepare healthy food while you are away.  I’ve had good experiences with two Timeshare rental sites: www.Redweek.com and www.MyResortNetwork.com

If you’re driving to your destination you have the ability to pack an ice chest with fruit, vegetables, and cooked or to be cooked lean meat, chicken, or salmon.  The following pre-cooked foods travel well: corn on the cob, brown rice, quinoa, lentils and baked sweet potatoes.  If you enjoy smoothies or protein shakes, it’s easy to bring a blender or Magic Bullet and the recipe ingredients.  You can also bring canned food, tuna, corn, beans, and dry brown rice or quinoa and bottled water. Consider what to bring based on the type of accommodations you will be staying at, and if you can cook, heat up food, have access to electricity and have refrigeration. (If you are crossing any boarders into another state or country, be aware that they may have restrictions on allowing produce and grains to enter.  The same applies to air travel into different countries.)

If you are staying at a hotel, you may have a small refrigerator and possibly a microwave oven.  Camping would give you more options for cooking, but no electricity and no refrigeration.  Keep in mind that an ice chest may not keep items as cold as a refrigerator.  If you are flying to a destination where you will have a full kitchen, check out the options for grocery shopping by contacting the place where you will be staying or checking online.  See what I bought and have been preparing in Cancun by clicking here.

I recommend that if you are going to be preparing food while away, that you bring a roll of paper towels, a sponge and some dishwashing soap.  Not all places provide these items.  You may also want to bring storage containers or plastic bags to store leftovers in.

Regardless of where your destination is and if you are driving or flying, I recommend making a “Travel Snack Bag” for each person traveling.  Some favorites to pack are pretzels or crackers, a banana, apple or other fruit, cut up carrots, red bell peppers or celery, and trail mix or almonds.  You could also include a sandwich. (Be aware that with the limitation of liquids on flights, this also applies to drinks and some foods, such as yogurt.)  Of course, if you are driving and have cup holders, everyone can have their own water.  Have your family help make up their own bags and write their name on their bag. It gives everyone the ability to eat anything out of their bag along the way without having to ask or say they don’t like any of the choices.  Happy Travels!

Love, Health & Happiness,