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Traveling for work or for fun takes us out of our regular routine.  Getting away can allow us more time to do what we like, reducing our everyday stress level, yet for some people, traveling is a very stressful event. 

My number one rule when traveling is to surrender to the process of getting to your destination.  Accept that there will be lines of people or lines of cars, and delays that are out of our control.  Whether you are driving or flying, arriving at an unfamiliar area can be stressful when you don’t know your way around. 

If you have a delay at an airport, take a walk around to reduce stress, or just to get some physical activity in before your flight.  On long drives, take stretch breaks every two hours, and if you can, find a place to walk for 10 minutes.  It will refresh you to continue your drive.

Once at your destination, if you haven’t done so before leaving, check to see what your options are for physical activity.  Many hotels and resorts have a gym, included or for an additional charge.  An indoor gym is great if the weather outside isn’t.  Some places offer classes: yoga, pilates, water aerobics, etc., and may have tennis courts.

Some of the best physical activity is free, like walking on the beach or a self-guided walking tour of a historic area.  Playing in the ocean waves, swimming in the pool, or playing water volleyball or catch with your kids can be great ways to bond.  There is always the option of taking the stairs rather than the elevator, and lastly, for a strength workout, it’s easy to travel with resistance bands.

Love, Health & Happiness,