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I was once told, “You live how you breathe.”  At that time I was barely breathing enough to stay alive.  I wasn’t sick or struck with an illness, yet I could go for hours without taking a full breath.  I had developed a breathing pattern that was shallow and kept me from feeling grief, sadness, anxiety, and fear. It also prevented me from feeling happiness, joy, contentment, and a connection with myself and others.

Deep breathing, according to some researchers, is an effective, drug-free way of reducing stress and feelings of anxiety. The following is a breathing exercise from the American Academy of Family Physicians:

1.    Lie down flat on your back, placing one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest;
2.    Slowly breathe in, making sure your stomach rises but your chest remains flat;
3.    Hold your breath for a second or two;
4.    Slowly exhale and allow your stomach to drop;
5.    Repeat for 3-5 breathes.

Breathing into your tummy puts you back in touch with yourself and your full range of feelings!

Love, Health & Happiness,