I often will say that I feel “out of sorts” when I look at the kitchen counter with papers and other items spread out all over it.  Once I clear it off I feel calmer and more focused.  It makes me happy to have that space cleared. 

Did you know that a cluttered work space, room or home has a negative affect on your emotional well-being? We all have old clothes, kitchen items, and other belongings that we don’t use or need any more, but hang onto. 

Clear out a drawer, closet or space and see what “treasures” you find.  Keep what has meaning or is useful, and say goodbye to those items that were from a different time in your life and no longer have the same meaning or usefulness.   Give away, donate, sell, recycle or throw out anything you don’t really have use for.  Clearing out unnecessary items will have you feeling better about your space and yourself. It also makes space for new beginnings or new opportunities.

Love, Health & Happiness,