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What makes you happy? Do you ever stop to identify what makes you happy and anchor in the feeling?  Some of the benefits of focusing on what makes you happy are feeling better about yourself, an improved sense of well-being, and feeling more content.  When you acknowledge and embrace your happiness, life seems to flow better.

I invite you, through the month of May (for the next 3-4 weeks), to commit to keeping a Happiness Journal. I suggest you do this every night, even if you don’t feel like it.  A new habit takes time to develop and it will be worth it!

In your Happiness Journal or notebook, write 3-5 of your happiest moments of the day just before going to sleep.  It could look like this: The happiest moments of my day were feeling the sunshine on my face as I walked out the door, seeing the orange poppy flowers on my drive to work, finishing an important project at work, cooking dinner with my husband and playing with my dog.

If you have children, they can write their happiest moments of the day in their own journal or share their happiest moments of the day with you when you tuck them into bed.  Another option is at the dinner table, each person can say what their happiest moment of the day has been.

I’d love to hear what your happiest moment of the day is and what you experience as you keep your Happiness Journal.

Love, Health & Happiness,